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Wrapping or Vase

Experience a burst of colour with bright pinks, blue hydrangeas, and orange dahlias - the ideal gift for celebrations, gratitude, or spur-of-the-moment gestures!

Important information:

The array of floral options varies according to the season and availability. With that in mind, please note that the image above serves as a reference and a source of inspiration for the colour scheme. However, rest assured that we will strive to craft a stunning arrangement that closely resembles the image.

How to keep your flowers for longer:

Once receiving your flowers take the following steps to ensure best longevity.

  • Once receiving your flowers, if wrapped it's recommended to take the wrap off to prevent the stems from becoming mouldy
  • Trim the stems about 2cm on arrival on a diagonal angle
  • Change the water every 2 days and ensure the vase is always two-thirds the way full
  • Keep your flowers away from any direct sunlight and not directly underneath any air conditioners or heaters

Gift cards:

  • We include our signature FLOWER BAR BY ONE RUNDLE card with all orders.
  • At checkout, please click on the GIFT MESSAGE Box, and write your message here including the recipient and senders names.

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